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💕Award Night Winners 2018!!!💕

Adele & Jodi at our corporate partners Breast Cancer Now celebration Awards at @BarbicanCentre highlighting some fantastic fundraising by supporters!

The most innovative fundraising award 2018 goes to....... #FanU

At FanU we are working towards raising awareness for Breast Cancer to help find a cure by 2050!

FanU support awareness for Menopause.

Read Jodi’s new blog and follow her journey over the last 5 years. Click the link below.


Jodi had just given birth to her son, Charlie, and was finding motherhood tiring. Of course this is perfectly normal so Jodi didn't think too much of her fatigue and escalating weight-loss, or the bean-sized lump she discovered on her left breast. The results of her precautionary tests came back and Jodi describes feeling numb as the news she had breast cancer was delivered.

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A common side effect of chemotherapy is hot flushes, something that can continue for years post-treatment, and something that Jodi's mother Adele witnessed her daughter suffering with. Whilst inspired by Jodi's battle, Adele realised that this product is perfect for anyone wanting to cool down, as it's not always possible to strip down and sip a glass of ice water.

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FanU is now officially launched and is proud to be working as Corporate Partner of Breast Cancer Now. A lightweight, portable, fashionable, quiet handheld mini cool air fan, with a USB and rechargeable battery, and a detached lanyard. Suitable to carry in your handbag, jacket, coat or any pocket. Easy to use in any indoor or outdoor venue.

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Fanu will donate 10% of profits to Breast Cancer Now
This is expected to be at least £5000 on a rolling 12month period.


Special Editions

💖Exclusive, Limited Edition #FanU fan💖

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Plain Pink or White £14.99+PP or with a Subtle Swarovski crystal £15.99+PP

Free Black Pouch and Free Rhinestone Bling Lanyard!

Buy our Christmas Edition edition and support Breast Cancer Now!

Support this amazing charity and let’s raise as much awareness as possible!! Working in partnership with Breast Cancer Now 💖💖💖💖

This product is perfect for anyone wanting to cool down, whether it is during chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stops on the train, aeroplanes, cinemas, theatre or eating in a restaurant.

Now available  for Worldwide delivery