How My Daughter’s Devastating Breast Cancer Diagnosis Led to My New Business


On the 29th May 2013, our beautiful daughter Jodi and partner Mickey gifted us with a precious grandson, Charlie Lucas. Naturally, we were besotted and completely over the moon with this precious new addition to our family.

New mum Jodi frequently complained of intense breast pain as her milk came in and continual tiredness –  “Oh the joys of motherhood” we would respond. There was nothing unusual in our minds.

In early October 2013, whilst showering, Jodi found a small pea-like lump by her left nipple. Off to the local GP she went. ‘Nothing to worry about’, she was told, ‘book another appointment in three months. Blocked milk ducts, as the doctor suspected, were completely normal during the early stages of motherhood.

Call it instinct, but Jodi insisted on a referral to see a Breast Cancer specialist. Initially, the specialist also presumed it was just a blocked milk duct but performed a biopsy just to be sure. Jodi was instructed to go home, not worry and return the following week for the results.

I accompanied Jodi to her appointment – that’s what Mums are for, right?

“You have Breast Cancer” 

Those words still resonate with me today. How, why, what? The pure devastation and panic that ensued I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy – those days were pretty dark. 

Following Jodi’s breast cancer diagnosis, it was necessary for her to have an immediate double mastectomy and as the cancer had unfortunately spread to her lymph nodes, of which she had 19 removed, it was confirmed she would need chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

The following 8 months were nothing less than hell. We witnessed our much loved daughter endure such gruelling pain…24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hair loss, weight gain, sickness, tummy upsets, these things were only a few of the many symptoms Jodi had to endure. What broke my heart the most is that she was unable to hold her newborn son. Why her? Why not me? These questions, and more, plagued my thoughts.

The beginning of FanU

Jodi and I were both suffering from hot flushes for different reasons. For Jodi, it was a side-effect of cancer treatment and for me hot flushes due to menopause. We needed an easily transportable, light-weight fan that could be used anywhere, anytime – and I sourced the very product online. FanU was born.

This amazing fan became a necessary accessory and neither Jodi nor I left the house without it. It felt good that I could do a small, practical thing to help Jodi and it definitely made me more comfortable, too.

Jodi volunteers for Breast Cancer Now and it seemed only right to donate some of our profits to help them with their objective of finding a cure for Breast Cancer  by 2050.  We are delighted and honoured to now be Corporate Partners with this wonderful charity. 

FanU on Britain’s Got Talent

Once FanU was born we needed to get the word out. What better way than with celebrity endorsement of our product? We aimed high… who better then Simon Cowell? We knew this would be near impossible but put together a gift box and begged any contacts we had to get this box to the man himself. 

As I was relaxing in a bath on 31st May 2018 my phone started to ring off the hook. Simon Cowell was using his personalised FanU live on Britain’s Got Talent! You could have knocked me down with a feather! The next morning the FanU brand had gone viral – we were all over social media, The Sun online, Metro and more. And the rest is history!

Watch Jodi tell her story for Breast Cancer Now: