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Jodi's Story


Jodi had just given birth to her son, Charlie, with her partner and now husband Mickey, and was finding motherhood tiring. No alarm bells at this time. Of course this is perfectly normal, so Jodi didn't think too much of her fatigue and escalating weight loss, or the bean-sized lump she discovered on her left breast, which the doctor reassured her was in all likelihood a blocked milk duct. Jodi only pushed for a referral because of a history of breast cancer in her family.

The results of these precautionary tests came back, and Jodi describes feeling numb as the news she had breast cancer was delivered. The doctor recommended a double mastectomy, and a few weeks later Jodi underwent surgery without hesitation and also had to have her lymph nodes removed. At this stage, Jodi was faced with more bad news, as it was revealed the cancer had spread and she would need to under-go 6 months of gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Looking at the treatment plan, Jodi realised the chemotherapy was scheduled to end a week before Charlie's first birthday, and she was determined to feel better for the big day. The chemotherapy was incredibly difficult. Jodi was forced to spend days in hospital after treatment, as her body reacted badly and an array of side effects ensued.

It was amidst all the turmoil, at such an emotional time, that Mickey got down on one knee and said, "will you marry me?" Jodi had no hesitation in saying yes, but added, "can we wait until my hair grows back?"


Mickey would bring Charlie to visit Jodi in hospital to give her a lift, but it didn't stop the side effects of the chemotherapy from worsening to the point Jodi was unable to speak properly. The doctor wanted to lower Jodi's dosage of chemotherapy, but Jodi would only partly agree, demanding that in her final round of treatment she received all the remaining chemotherapy to complete her treatment plan, in order to be home for Charlie's first birthday.

Jodi and Charlie celebrated the milestone in both their lives with a huge party surrounded by family and friends.

Further tests revealed later that the treatment had been a success, a feat she says she owes to her love for her son, husband and family.