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A common side effect of chemotherapy is hot flushes, something that can continue for years post-treatment, and something that Jodi's mother Adele witnessed her daughter suffering with.

As well as being triggered by chemotherapy, hot flushes are often attributed to hormonal changes, as well as a massive number of reasons which have absolutely nothing to do with cancer, from stress to menopause. A recent study of menopausal women showed that hot flushes last, on average, 7 years. Many people who experience hot flushes have a grin and bear it mentality, but this is no longer necessary.

It is not always possible to strip off and sip a glass of ice water. Sometimes when commuting, in a restaurant, at your desk, on a plane or in any other situation, which is not ideal to have a hot flush.
The ever positive and pro-active Adele quickly realised a lack of portable fans available, outside of the unattractive, bulky, noisy, battery draining options. At first she was looking for one to help Jodi deal with hot flushes, but when she realised how limited the options were she went about sourcing one herself.

Adele soon realised that, whilst inspired by her daughter's battle, this product is perfect for anyone wanting to cool down, whether it is during chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stops on the train, aeroplanes, cinemas, theatre or eating in a restaurant. This is how FanU was born, for anyone who occasionally feels the need to cool off!

FanU has officially launched!

A lightweight, portable, fashionable, quiet, handheld mini cool air fan, with a USB and rechargeable battery and a detachable lanyard. Suitable to carry in your handbag, jacket, or coat. Easy to use in any indoor or outdoor venue.